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Finally the answer to Women's Health problems using only Natural Medicine.

Are you tired of your life being dominated by period problems?

Here is the answer to correct your hormonal imbalances and restore the natural balance to your body and mind. Our treatments are safe, 100% natural, completely medication free, so you can be liberated and free to live a normal life free from your gynecological problems.

Our approach targets and supports the body’s endocrine system and corrects the hormonal imbalances which cause many women’s health issues and period problems.

We have successfully seen clients symptoms dramatically improve when presenting to us with the following conditions:

• Painful Periods

• Heavy Periods

• Infrequent Periods

• Absent / Irregular Periods



• Fibroids

• Endometriosis/Adenomyosis

• Menopausal Symptoms

• Mood Changes

• Stress / Anxiety

• Depression

Your initial consultation is free.

Come and meet me in person and learn more about how I can help you with your period problems.

Why our natural treatments work so well for period problems and all women’s health issues:

It's in our DNA

It is our fundamental design as human beings to replenish, renew and heal ourselves, its in our DNA.  Quite simply our natural treatments stimulate the body’s own mechanisms to heal and function correctly, just as nature intended finally resolving your period problems.

Your Unique

We recognise everyone is unique and through our core consultation we are able to establish the root cause of your health issues and with some targeted changes to diet and lifestyle with the addition of natural therapies your body can return to functioning at its optimum level.

You Decide

Even if there is a family history of period problems it doesn’t mean it’s a prerequisite that you live out the same life as your mother, aunt or grandmother.  It just means the right therapy wasn’t available to them.  That is the only difference, it is a conscious decision and choice for you to make now, to address and stop living with and putting up with these problems.


The Right Treatment

Medication or surgical intervention isn’t the only option despite what you may have been told.  It can be exhausting, time consuming and emotionally draining working through all the western medical “solutions” for your period problems.  When, with just the right combination of treatments, some changes you can make to your lifestyle, your health can return to normal.

Here’s how we help you overcome your period problems and women’s health issues


Core Consultation – Here we will carry out a detailed consultation looking at all aspects of your life to determine the root cause of your particular gynaecological issue that you want treated.

Targeted Treatment Plan – We will recommend changes in your lifestyle and diet to bring about a positive change in your condition and enable you to heal quicker.

Powerful Stress Reduction – Using natural treatments we will evoke the body’s own healing mechanism to attack other symptoms you may be experiencing such as stress, problems with mental focus and mood.

Acupuncture Treatments – We will complete a course of acupuncture treatments to treat the root cause of your issue, activating the body’s healing potential and restoring the natural balance.

Lasting Results – We will once your symptoms improve start to space your appointments out so you are more on a maintenance regime to ensure lasting results

Some of the common questions asked

How often will I have to come in for treatments and are there any side effects?

Most of our patients are able to get great results with once-weekly visits.  We can discuss this in more detail at your free consultation.  Generally, there are no side-effects, other than occasional mild bruising (this rarely happens).  There are, however, many positive side-effects including increased relaxation, better sleep and a more positive outlook and attitude.

Is natural medicine REALLY powerful enough to cure my period problems?

Absolutely YES!  Natural medicine actually helps your body make more of its own medicine, which is more powerful and potent than any man-made medicine.

I am taking medication, will your treatments interfere or interact with this?

No, acupuncture is completely natural so will not react with any medications you are taking.  We will check the known side effects of your medication to ensure they do not skew our diagnosis of your condition, but I would like to believe you will find that you don’t need to take so many medications and that your treatments with me help with other issue over time.  We will never suggest you stop taking your medication and this should only be reduced under the guidance and in cooperation with your GP.

Will I have to keep coming for treatment with you forever?

Most clients experience a complete resolution of symptoms (or solution to their problem) within 4 menstrual cycles.  After that, many choose to come for regular maintenance visits or for another issue.  Our goal is to get you to where you no longer need treatment and will be so happy with your results you’ll send all your friends and family to us.

How do I know its safe?

Acupuncture has been practiced safely for centuries and in the hands of a experienced practitioner is virtually risk free.  As per regulations, all our needles are sterile, single use and disposable.  There is no risk of getting an infection from the needles

I have suffered for all my adult life..for years, can you still help me?

Yes we have treated people who suffer with long term chronic gynaecological problems and they have experienced significant improvement and returned to a normal menstrual cycle after a course of treatments.


Want to know more?

If you have any questions or you would like to find out a little more, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture in North Herefordshire