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What to expect

What to expect

What to expect

There are a few do’s and dont’s you should know before coming for treatment. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that can easily be rolled up to the elbows and knees. Do make sure you have eaten before coming for your treatment, but don’t eat a big meal beforehand.  Make sure you stay well hydrated afterwards and listen to your body, it will be saying rest…I can guarantee it.

First off I will ask you a load of questions

This is no ordinary medical history, or 10 minute visit to the doctors – I want to know everything!  In order to understand your condition fully I need to know first what is happening in your body and that goes to how you fuel it and use it, to work out how it’s performing for you or not functioning correctly as the case may be. It important you’re as honest as you can be and answer all the questions regardless of how you think they may or may not be relevant.

Smile for the camera and say arhhh!

At the end of the questions I will take a photo of you and have a look at your tongue.  Now before you raise your eyes at me tongue diagnosis is not a new phenomenon but more of a lost art form as far as Western Medicine is concerned. New medical students at King’s College Hospital were warned by Sir Thomas Watson in his introductory lecture in 1871: ‘A patient would think you careless, or ignorant of your craft, if you did not, at every visit, look at his tongue…, as well as feel his pulse.’

Tongues are fantastic as they give us an indication of overall health and react quickly to any changes so are great as a preventative tool as changes show on the tongue before you are feeling any signs or symptoms. It’s a way of looking at what’s going on inside your body.

Now some people brush their tongue believing it more hygienic, it is really important that you don’t brush your tongue before coming for treatment, for a minimum of 3 days or ideally a week. The tongue coating along with the size and colour is another important diagnosis tool.

We talk treatment options

We will decide between us what the best treatment plan will be for you – this will include which acupuncture style and the frequency of treatments in order to get the best results and how long before you can expect to see results. If I don’t honestly believe that I can help you, or you cannot commit to the treatment plan we will go our separate ways at this point, I don’t want to waste your time or take your money if you are not going to get the results you want.  We may have to reframe your expectations and you may then decide it is not for you, or I may just knock your socks off with ”yeah I can totally sort that no problem, let’s get to it”.

Your treatment

If you’ve never had acupuncture before we will go through the whole process, I will get you in the correct position on the treatment couch and tell you what to expect to feel (if anything) from the needles.  You rarely need to remove clothes but I have towels to cover you if necessary.  I only use single use sterile needles and these are placed in different areas on the body, arms, legs, hands and feet usually.   Once the needles are in we leave you to cook – lie back listen to music and let the needles do their work.  Most people fall asleep or are in a deep state of relaxation they don’t notice the time go by.

Acupuncture creeps up on you

The benefits are accumulative with each treatment in most cases. Depending on what you are having treatment for and how long you have had the problem is a factor for how quickly you will see results and, as an individual, how you will respond to the treatment. For some people it is instant and others it is over time. On average people see lasting benefits from between 6 and 10 treatments. Others it may be anything between 2 and 30 treatments. You don’t water a plant once and expect it not to die. You don’t take one antibiotic instead of the week’s course and expect it to work. The average person isn’t going to be fixed in one treatment, and those that are use acupuncture as intended and come for treatment as soon as they have a problem, then it is easier to fix!

So what are you waiting for

Acupuncture has the most amazing side effects, clients report better sleep, stress relief, feeling calmer, greater mental clarity, more patience, an ability to make decisions and take action, more confidence, higher self esteem, as well as fixing their bad back, digestive problems, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, sciatica, sprained ankle or infertility issues. Get in touch today.

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Whatever your pain or symptoms, why not get in touch to see how ancient Chinese therapies can help you feel better without the need for drug- focussed therapy.

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