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I can’t thank Marie enough for the acupuncture treatment for my house maids knee and arthritis.. I had been going for several months with discomfort and swelling of my left knee… and I was pretty low and fatigued… anti-inflammatory drugs didn’t help with my knee swelling.

After the first session I noticed an amazing difference and now after a couple of months treatment the knee is pain free, swelling free.. treating me for my fatigue I feel better and more positive than I’ve felt for a very long time..

I have never been to anyone with so much passion, warmth and enthusiasm for their work..putting you at complete ease straight away.. This was a really big thing for me as I was and I use the word WAS needle phobic.. I couldn’t look at the needles/injections even in the tv when I began..

Now? I’m so at ease with Marie’s gentle confidence and professionalism that i actually watch the needles being put in now and can even watch injections on the tv for the first time!!! Thank you Marie..

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture in North Herefordshire