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After an injury to my wrist and shoulder I was still in severe pain 8 weeks later. A friend recommended I try acupuncture. Now I wouldn’t class myself as a sceptic when it comes to acupuncture, more an inquisitive hopeful.

On the first consult we discussed current and previous ( pre accident) pain levels and agreed that a 6 week programme should see the pain and restriction of movement diminish to the agreed level.

I was informed by Marie that although we should see an improvement after the first session acupuncture is a progressive remedy, each visit would build from the previous. Basically not a one time fix. The first week felt much better, much reduced pain (despite my raised eyebrow) the second better still and so on! It’s really strange that you don’t feel it straight away, it creeps up on you!

If you’re not sure whether acupuncture can help you give Marie a call. What else can I say? It worked for me!

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture in North Herefordshire