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Mia’s Period Problems

I met Mia at a Pregnancy and Birth event held locally.  We were both exhibitors and had chatted during the event; I had shared some success stories. It was as we were packing away that she told me about her period problems.  She suffered with irregular and very heavy periods and asked if I could help?  Yes of course… here’s my card, get in touch when you are ready!

Her Medical History

During the consultation it became clear that Mia had some serious issues that were drastically affecting her ability to lead any semblance of a normal life. Good job I don’t mind complicated!   In all her life she had NEVER had a regular menstrual cycle.  She would bleed heavily for between 2 to 8 weeks at a time.  She then had an unknown wait for her next period to arrive.  Also suffered with mood swings, chronic period pain and flooding.

Mia has Anti Cardio Lipin Antibodies which basically means her blood is more likely to clot.  She was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries and Fibroids.  Due to the antibodies, she is more likely to miscarry and sadly had a miscarriage 18 months previously and had struggled with infertility for 7 years.

How her period problems made her feel

Mia told me more about her mood swings that were part of her period problems.  The negative effect they had on her personal relationships was getting her down.  Feeling so restricted by the crippling period pain that she felt not wanting to be reliant on medication for weeks on end.  The uncontrollable food cravings which sent her into a sugar spiral.  She wanted to eat healthy but felt out of control with her hormones.

How her period problems affected her life

The menstrual flooding meant she couldn’t leave the house for days at a time.  This affected her work and she felt she let people down constantly.   She couldn’t and didn’t want to have to cancel work or events she ran because she couldn’t leave the house.  Socially she missed out on family events and she had an overseas family wedding coming up in 8 weeks.   This really was one event she didn’t want  to be completely ruined.  To be blunt her whole life, home, social and work were dominated by her periods.  She was really worried she was never going to get better.  Concerned things were actually getting worse.  Left feeling she would never be able to live a normal life.

What the Doctors Said

Mia had seen various consultants but was growing increasingly more frustrated with the lack of answers or solutions.  In fact, all they could advise her to do was to work her way through various different contraceptive pills.  First of all they caused a deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.  The second time and felt a clot and had to take blood thinners. Understandably she was not prepared to gamble with this as a treatment option for a third time.  In her words coming to see me was the last resort for her.

How I work

Before I talk more about how I helped Mia here is a little more about how I work.  I don’t mind if you come to me as a skeptic, that’s ok.  But you do need to WANT to work with me to HEAL. I get that not everyone will embrace every suggestion, and that’s ok.  However your success in healing will depend on how you cooperate with me.   This can be as easy as agreeing to the suggested frequency of visits.  It could be making some changes in your diet or lifestyle.  Or taking precautions and following advice on how to care for yourself in between treatments.

When you know its working

Everyone is individual.  So you are treated and diagnosed as such.  Equally everyone’s progress will also be individual there is not a one size fits all approach here.  Your progress will be monitored in how you FEEL from treatment to treatment.   You will notice as you heal that other areas are also improving such as

  • your sleep,
  • mood,
  • stress levels,
  • mental focus,
  • concentration,
  • energy levels,
  • outlook,
  • digestion etc.

We will monitor all these improvements to gauge your overall progression towards better health.  In short when you start to feel better you are getting better.  When your body is functioning at a higher level, more in balance, as it was designed to, then complaints such as fatigue, poor sleep, and yes even menstrual problems start to go away on their own.  It really is that simple, so it doesn’t matter how complicated your health issues are we can trigger the healing response and you can FEEL the benefits.

Mia’s Treatments and Progress

Ok, back to Mia, once she started working with me she felt an immediate change even after the first treatment.  Her mood was much better, more on an even keel and she was less grumpy with her husband!  Small Miracles!  By the second treatment, her sleep had also improved.  Her mood was still good, additionally her energy levels had increased.  I understand it can be difficult when a problem is ‘internal’ to know if it is working. It is these small changes and improvements each week that show the body is healing even if you can’t see what is happening inside!

Her First Period

After 5 treatments she got her period and although not ‘normal’ it was a massive improvement.  Her PMT and whole body achy flu type pain which lasted weeks was reduced to abdominal pain on the morning of her period. The menstrual flow had decreased and she was no longer flooding.  She was able to leave the house, a massive WIN for her!  The duration was 4 days, not weeks.  Her mood swings were negligible and her sleep was good.

Most noteworthy though, she was able to attend her brother’s wedding abroad and enjoy it the same as everyone else.  She finally felt liberated, carefree and happy.

Her Results Overall

Her results were so good because she had showed up every week for her planned treatment. We completed 9 treatments in total.   Since, she has had 3 normal regular menstrual cycles.   In her words “It’s amazing, the only thing I changed was adding acupuncture to my life, I actually feel normal.”

It’s really important for you to know and understand this ONE thing. It is our fundamental design as human beings to replenish, renew and heal ourselves; it’s in our, DNA, our genes.  YOU are the medicine, when you allow your body’s own internal regulating and healing system to function as designed, as nature intended, giving it the support it needs it will start responding and YES it does do that instantly.

What’s next for Mia?

Mia is frank and honest when she says coming to me was the last resort for her, she was a skeptic, she’s not now!  I am super proud of her progress and that she has really turned a corner in understanding and believing in her own body.  It’s pretty amazing that for the first time in 25 years with no risky medical intervention or medications she is having a normal menstrual cycle. In fact, she contacted me just the other day and has booked to come back and start working with me on another issue so watch this space for an further update on her. She really is on a journey towards a happier, healthy life, and discovering her true self and potential…

What about you and your period problems?

Does it all sound too good to be true, miraculous even? I used a ‘worst case scenario’ to prove the point, this is what bodies do, they HEAL, and yours can too.  Mia’s story I hope will give you some help, inspire you, and remind you what is possible, when we give our bodies what they need to awaken and support our innate healing ability.

Mia didn’t accept the fact she was being told, that’s it, there is nothing else we can do for you, take this medication or that one or have this surgical procedure.  No, she didn’t accept that was how her life had to be.  That it was part of being a woman. That she should put up with pain, embarrassment or discomfort.  Continue feeling out of control of her body and life.  No, she took action and so can you.

What to do next

Do you want the same results for your life that Mia had.  Then all you have to do is request your free consultation with me.   We will meet, discuss your health issue, it’s a one to one honest and down to earth no pressure conversation.  I will listen to your story and review your medical history.  Once we have talked and I feel truly confident I can help you and you are happy to work with me, we will book your initial appointment, roll our sleeves up and get to work.

I am here to help, if you are ready to explore YOUR possibilities for healing, request your free consultation now by clicking the button below.

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