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When you first start studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) you soon become that slightly annoying friend at social gatherings that as soon as someone mentions the slightest  ailment, ache, pain, illness or strange phenomenon, reaction they or someone they know has had or suffered that week, you pipe up” there’s a point for that”.   I used to say that as soon as I qualified I was going to call my blog , There’s a Point for That and just highlight all the fabulous things that people obviously didn’t realise TCM could help treat.

However this is before you then go on to learn all the different classifications of points, and the extensive theory behind TCM, only then do you realise it is truly the most amazing medical system, but how do you convey all that on paper, I don’t know, but I hope to try and hope you enjoy learning a little more, than just a list of points and what they can do.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture in North Herefordshire