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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. It is based on the understanding that everything is interrelated, interconnected and works in harmony with nature.

Acupuncture is just one element of TCM which also includes, Herbs, Tuina, Meditation, Exercise (Tai Chi or Qigong), Diet, Astrology and Geomancy (Feng Shui).   In combination they are used to not only treat disease but prevent illness from occurring. Acupuncture is extremely effective in treating a wide variety of conditions through its power to stimulate the body’s own internal regulating and healing system.   Studies show that during acupuncture, the blood vessels relax and more healing blood and nutrients are able to flow to all the cells in the body.  The nervous and endocrines systems are stimulated which release hormones such as endorphins (natural painkillers).  It has an anti-inflammatory effect and also helps the immune system; improves mental clarity, reduces stress, elevates mood, relaxes muscles, relieves pain, regulates and balances hormones, metabolism, digestion and growth.  Quite simply acupuncture stimulates the body’s own mechanisms to heal and function correctly, just as nature intended.   So what are you waiting for?   If there was a pharmaceutical drug that could do all of that we would all be rushing to take it.   Yet acupuncture can – and without any unpleasant or dangerous side effects.  Get in touch and see how you can take control of your health and improve your life for the better.
Marie - Accupuncturist in Middleton Cheney, Banbury

A little bit about me

“I became an acupuncturist because acupuncture changed my life and I have such a strong belief in this medical system I know it can do the same to you.  I have been through various illnesses during my life, physical and emotional traumas, under gone different operations, been given numerous diagnoses and tried all kinds of therapies to help. So if you’re thinking that nothing can help you, believe me – I KNOW that feeling. I am passionate about this because I have lived it and truly experienced it with my own health.  I started my journey a few years back; one Christmas (and as a last resort) I consulted ‘Dr. Google’, as you do, and after a few clicks through links and pages and a quick search I found myself on an acupuncturist’s couch in Banbury a few days later.  The understanding and learning from that point on literally changed my life.  I hope one day acupuncture will be the first choice for people and never again the last resort.  If I do one thing it will be to educate people to understand how the body works and is designed to heal itself.  There is a saying ‘one lifetime is not enough to learn everything about Chinese Medicine’, but I am committed to continual learning and then using my new skills and knowledge to help people just like you and me.  My message?  Don’t put off having acupuncture, decide to stop living with pain today, whether that is physical or emotional – anyone and everyone can benefit from what this wonderful medicine has to offer.”
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Whatever your complaint, there is likely to be a treatment option within Traditional Chinese Medicine that will help, and I am only too happy to help you find the right treatment for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture in North Herefordshire